Frequently Asked Questions



Can Invision Glass Design work on tempered glass?

Yes. Invision Glass eco-etch® process is a light abrasion process. It does not effect the tension layer of tempered glass, and therefore meets all ANSI Z97.1 tests.


Can Invision Glass Design work on fire-rated glass? 

In most cases, Invision Glass can work on fire-rated glass. Please contact us for more information.


What are your standard lead times? 

Average lead times range from 3-6 weeks.


Are your patterns sandblasted?

No. Invision Glass Design uses an environmentally friendly etching process called eco-etch®. This is a light abrasion process that abrades the glass surface with a recycled, specially formulated oxide powder. The powder is reused continuously for periods up to six months; it is then resold to other vendors for use in their fabrication processes. There are absolutely no harsh chemicals or acids used in our etching methods.


What are your standard sheet sizes? 

Invision Glass does not offer standard sheet sizes. We fabricate glass exactly to the size required for each project. Skyline does not inventory 5'x10' or 4'x8' sheets, therefore the client only pays for what is required and actually used in a project. This saves in cost and material waste.


Are samples free?

In most cases, there is not a charge for samples. Please contact your Invision Glass sales rep for more information.


Are all your patterns available as samples? 

Yes. Upon request, all patterns are available as samples.

Do you offer anything to protect against finger-printing? 

Yes, we do. Our Etch Sealer is recommended where there are large areas of etching. However, Etch Sealer is not necessary for most of our smaller scale patterns due to the fine texture of the eco-etch process.


Does Skyline Etch Sealer cost extra?

The additional cost for Etch Sealer is minimal; pennies per square foot.


Why don’t you publish a price list? 

There are a lot of variables that go into most glass projects, including size, thickness requirements, installation methods, hardware and more. It is best to contact your Invision Glass Design sales rep to go over the scope of the project. Invision Glass can usually return budgetary pricing within the same day.


How does your glass pricing compare to resin or sheet good products?

Our glass products generally cost 30% less than resin products.


Are your products available in sheets?

No. At the current moment, we do not offer our patterns on sheet glass.


What glass thicknesses can you manufacture your products on? 

Invision Glass Design architectural glass is available in all glass thicknesses ranging from 1/8”- 3/4”.