Case Study: U of M Children's Hospital

Project:  U of M Children's Hospital
Architect/Designer: TK&A Chu Foxlin
Glass Contractor: United Glass, Inc.

Chu Foxlin of TK&A in MA, wanted to create an engaging environment for patients.  Foxlin and her design team came up with the theme “Passport to Discovery” Every floor was designed as a particular habitat be it grasslands, wetlands, or desert. The use of color to create the theme using yellow for grasslands, orange for desert and so on helped way finding for patients.

IGD was able to support the “Passport to Discovery” theme by providing, back painted, InFused color/graphics, etched glass and patient marker boards.


IGD provided laser etched graphics on glass around the patient library and parent resource rooms. The reception desk as you walk in has a clean bright look using IGD’s back painted white low iron glass.  

Elevator Lobbies:

Every elevator lobby has Children’s almond white color back painted onto ¼” low iron glass.  This provides a clean and easily maintainable surface.   

Floor Feature Walls:

Passport to Discovery theme is brought out in its true form with the Feature walls created on every floor.  IGD InFused the color onto the glass and finished the 2nd surface with a translucent powder coat to allow for back lighting the wall.  When patients walk out of the elevator and see a glowing 30 foot wall of beautiful color and design they know they are not in a sterile hospital!  These feature walls truly engage all that walk by.

Patient Rooms:

To further the theme and use of color every patient room has a 9 foot glass patient marker board.  IGD InFused the patient information graphic, color theme, and pain scale onto ¼’ low iron glass. There is even room for the patients to color on the glass! This is a true communication board for patients and family along with all the staff that the patients will interact with.  Some glass boards were affixed to closet area.  Other patient rooms had fully functional operating glass closet doors using IGD’s glass patient marker boards. Credit to United Glass Inc for coming up with the operating design on the glass closet doors.